About The Team

Our team includes professors, researchers and leaders from prestigious universities such us Stanford, Berkeley, UPenn and UCSF. The team have been researching with great success in the fields of Interactive and Interpretable Machine Learning Algorithms. Click here for more information about our research.

Core Team

Gilmer Valdes, PhD

PhD in Biomedical Physics, UCLA.
Assistant Clinical Professor, UCSF.
Machine learning expert. Author of MediBoost, Additive Tree, EAML, others.

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Elier Delgado, MSc

Solution Architect, Consultant.
Twenty years of IT experience.
Full stack, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation.
Co-author of EAML.


Close Collaborators

Timothy D. Solberg, PhD

Vice Chair, Professor, Director of Medical Physics,
Department of Radiation Oncology, UCSF.
Co-author of Additive Tree, MediBoost and EAML.

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Efstathios Gennatas, MBBS, PhD

PhD in Neuroscience, UPenn.
Bac. of Medicine, Bac. of Surgery.
Machine learning expert. Co-author of Additive Tree and EAML.

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Yannet Interian, PhD

Mathematician, Machine learning researcher.
Assistant Professor, University of San Francisco.
Ex-google, Co-author of EAML.

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Jerome H. Friedman, PhD

One of the world's leading researchers in statistics and data mining. Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States.
Professor of Statistics, Stanford University.
Author of many important algorithms.
Co-author of Additive Tree and EAML.

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Lyle Ungar, PhD

Professor of Computer and Information Science
Machine learning researcher
Computer and Information Science Department
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Co-author of EAML and MediBoost.

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